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Hofmeyer Walk (Windhoek)
If you enjoy hiking, you should try the hour-long Hofmeyer Walk, which starts in the dense bush area by Klein Windhoek Valley. On the hike you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city.
The Windhoek Meteors (Windhoek)
In the middle of Post Street, the main street in Windhoek, you will find a meteor exhibition. The meteors originate from the Gibeon meteor shower in 1837, when 24 tons of meteors landed in the Gibeon area in southern Namibia.
Windhoeks colonial buildings (Windhoek)
It is possible to see dignified German architecture in Windhoek, especially if you visit Christuskirche and the house of Parliament, Tintenpalast. Alte Feste, originally a fortress, also has typical German aspects. Today, Alte Feste is a museum.

Area and city attractions

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