Attractions from Aswan

Attractions from

Elephantine Island (Aswan)
Elephantine is the Greek word for pharaoh, and the island, which is also known as "the Door to the South", because of its southernmost location, is situated in the Nile off Aswan. You'll get a hint of Sudan if you visit the island's two Nubian villages.
The Aswan Dam (Aswan)
The Aswan Dam is one of the Egyptians' recent-time prides (1970), controlling the water resources, of which there isn't many in Egypt. By building the Aswan dam, it became possible, for the first time in history, for man to control the Nile. The dam holds no less than 44,300,000 cubic metres of water.

Area and city attractions

• Aswan
• Cairo
• Hurghada
• Luxor
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