Attractions from Egypt

Elephantine Island (Aswan)
Elephantine is the Greek word for pharaoh, and the island, which is also known as "the Door to the South", because of its southernmost location, is situated in the Nile off Aswan. You'll get a hint of Sudan if you visit the island's two Nubian villages.
The Aswan Dam (Aswan)
The Aswan Dam is one of the Egyptians' recent-time prides (1970), controlling the water resources, of which there isn't many in Egypt. By building the Aswan dam, it became possible, for the first time in history, for man to control the Nile. The dam holds no less than 44,300,000 cubic metres of water.
Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo) (Cairo)
Old Cairo has an old fort, some churches and a monastery. Furthermore, the district has a certain ambiance, which can make you feel as if you had travelled hundred of years back in time, not the least because of the narrow streets. Take a walk around and between the old buildings and experience a much more relaxed Cairo, than that of the centre.
The Bazaar district of Khan el Khalili (Cairo)
Khan el Khalili is a real treat. You can buy anything from pink plastic sandals to exotic spices, and as the crowd is massive, you need to look out for pickpockets. If you're good at bargaining, though, you can make some good deals.
The Egyptian Museum (Cairo)
The Egyptian Museum in the centre of Cairo contains the world's largest collection of Byzantine and Pharaonic art, among other things the treasures discovered in the tomb of the child-king Tutankhamun.
The pyramids (Cairo)
The ancient pharaohs' enormous constructions can be seen in the area around Giza, about 20 km from Cairo's centre. The largest of the three pyramids is 137 metres and built of no less than 3 million blocks of stone.
A cruise on the Nile (Egypt)
Some of the longer Nile cruises include a trip to Minya, a charming city with Greek, Pharaonic and Roman ruins. If you interested in archaeology this is also an interesting area. These cruises usually last four nights and departs from Luxor or Aswan. On the even longer trips, lasting six days, you also get to see Abydos and Denderha.
Dive with the sphinxes (Egypt)
If you're in Alexandria and know how to dive, you should take advantage of opportunity to dive off Alexandria's coast, by Pharos. Here you can dive, six to eight metres down, between sphinxes and colossal statues of ancient Egyptians. Here, among the ruins of the Alexandrian Lighthouse (one of the world's seven wonders), the Egyptians plan to build a submarine archaeological park, so people without diving skills can see what it's all about as well.
Sailing on a felucca on the Nile (Egypt)
A felucca is a traditional sailing boat used by the Egyptians on the Nile. It's a fun experience to go on a short trip in one of these boats. There's room for 8 people on a felucca, and you have to be prepared to bargain about the price with the captain yourself.
The fishing village of Marsa Alam (Egypt)
This little fishing village by the Red Sea is worth a visit if you love diving and snorkelling. The area has some amazing corals and fish, but you also have to be very careful, as there can still be undetonated mines. There isn't always warning signs, so you should check around first.
Alexandria (Egyptian Mediterranean Coast)
Alexandria is a more modern large city than Cairo, and contains many Roman and Hellenic traits from the time when the city was the cultural capital of Europe. You can visit the Greek-Roman museum, the Greek amphitheatre and contemplate Pompeii's 25-metre high column of granite. Alexandria doesn't only attract foreign tourists, but is also a popular holiday resort for Egyptians.
Hurghada (Hurghada)
Hurghada by the Red Sea has developed into a very popular holiday resort during the last few years. The town hasn't much to offer besides the Red Sea, but on the other hand, the sea is fantastic in itself. If you wish to surf, snorkel, and dive or do other kinds of aquatic sports, Hurghada is the place to be. There are numerous guided snorkelling and diving trips.
Abu Simbels Temple (Luxor)
Abu Simbel's Temple is dedicated to the great pharaoh Ramses II, and on the façade you'll see four great 20-metre high statues of the pharaoh - an imposing sight. Ramses II is accompanied by some of his many wives and children, standing by his feet in a somewhat smaller size.
Luxors temples (Luxor)
In Luxor you'll find many of the impressive temples and obelisks built to honour the pharaohs, such as the Karnak temple, the Luxor temple and the temple of Ramses II.
Valley of the Kings (Luxor)
The Valley of the Kings is one of Egypt's finest attractions. 108 of the old pharaohs' tombs have been found in this valley, and you can go down in many of them and see the fantastic wall paintings. 46 additional chambers in the tomb of Ramses II were found in 1997, and the area is still being excavated.
Camel riding in the desert (Sinai with the Red Sea)
From most of the tourist resorts, you can experience the desert from a camel's back, on one-day trips or trips of longer duration. Be prepared for a magnificent nature experience.
Sinai Mountain (Sinai with the Red Sea)
Follow in the footsteps of Moses to the top of Sinai Mountain. The trip to the top is generally by paths in a good state, and all people in fairly good condition can do it. Most trips start in the cool of the night, and offer you the opportunity to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain.
St. Katharines Monastery (Sinai with the Red Sea)
St. Katharine's Monastery close to Sinai Mountain is also a great attraction. It was built in the 4th century and has been visited by a large number of pilgrims since then. If you're interested in architecture and history, you should go see it. There's a museum in connection with the monastery.
The desert town of Dahab (Sinai with the Red Sea)
Dahab is a small desert town 85 km from Sharm El Sheik, and is worth a visit if you want to relax, dive and enjoy the stress-free atmosphere. It's very cheap to stay and eat in Dahab, where the restaurants are situated right by the water.
The fishing village of Marsa Alam (Sinai with the Red Sea)
This little fishing village by the Red Sea is worth a visit if you love diving and snorkelling. The area has some amazing corals and fish, but you also have to be very careful, as there can still be undetonated mines. There isn't always warning signs, so you should check around first.

Area and city attractions

• Aswan
• Cairo
• Hurghada
• Luxor
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