Attractions from Bhutan


Bhutan National Museum

The National Museum is situated in Paro in an old guard tower from 1651, which has been converted to a museum. Here you'll find everything you need to know about the country and its inhabitants, such as costumes, common tools, jewels, finely decorated parchments, armours, antiques, sculptures and even stamps.

Punakha Palace

The former winter capital of Bhutan is situated close enough to Thimpu, to make the trip in one day. The mighty Dzong (palace) was built in 1637 and was the home of the country's leaders for more than 300 years. Even though it has been ravaged several times, most recently by a tidal wave in 1994, it is still a magnificent building.

The national park of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

This park is the home of the abominable snowman, or the Yeti. As the only place in the world, Bhutan has devoted an entire national park to this allegedly existing anthropoid. Because of the Yeti's ability to turn invisible, practically nobody has ever seen it - that is, except the people in Bhutan, who therefore have dedicated a national park to this rare animal.

The village of Laya

As far away from civilisation as you can get, is the country's highest situated village at 3700 metres above sea level. As you experience the women in their strange garments and bamboo hats giving a dance show at night, or feel the atmosphere of this village, you start wondering if you're still on earth. The only way to get there is by helicopter or on one of the world's most challenging treks.


Dechen Choling Palace

Four km from Tashi Chodzong is the majestic royal palace, and here you can see how the state-employed gold- and silversmiths work.

The holy building Memorial Chorten

In Thimpu is the religious memorial of Memorial Chorten, and even though it was built 1974, it is one of the most interesting buildings in the city. It has three floors with some incredible wooden carvings and is painted in bright vivid colours. Sit down and witness how faith is a part of everyday life.

The parliamentary building Tashi Chodzong

Tashi Chodzong is one of the most beautiful buildings in Thimpu. The oldest part was built in 1772, and it is possible to see the development in later Bhutanese architecture in the later additions.

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