Attractions from Botswana


Nxai Pan National Park

This is a dry and flat landscape, which is flooded with water in the raining season. In this period, thousands of pink flamingos assemble there, as well as herds of zebras and gazelles.

The Gcwihaba caves

According to some ancient myths, a treasure is hidden somewhere in the caves. It takes some nerve to visit these dark caves. There are no guides, but if you have some good flashlights and don't mind the bats, it is possible to have an incredible experience admiring some of the wonders of nature; among other things, huge stalagmites and stalactites.

The Gubatsaa Hills

The Gubatsaa Hills are rich in prehistoric cave paintings.

The Tsodilo hills

The four Tsodilo hills rise up in an otherwise desolate landscape. The four hills are respectively known as woman, man, child and baby. There are around 3000 cave paintings distributed all over the area around the hills. Some of the paintings are placed at relatively high points, and can only be reached by climbing.

Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Gemsbok National Park

In the southeastern part of the Kalahari desert there is a dried riverbed known as the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. The area is flooded in the rainy season between March and May. There are not many animals to see in the park, which can only be entered through South Africa.

Chobe National Park

The Savuti Marsh area

The north western part of the park has the greatest concentration of beasts of prey in all of the southern part of Africa. The many lions, hyenas, leopards, and other beasts find their prey among the herds of zebras, buffalos, impalas, and other brave animals grazing by the river.


Gaborone Game Reserve

This national park is situated 15 kilometers outside Gaborone. It only has a few antilopes and a rhinoceros in a cage and is hardly worth a visit if you are visiting any of the other national parks.


There are many market places in Gaborone, where it is possible to find equipment for safaris or souvenirs. This also includes such handicrafts as homemade bags and stone or leather items.

National Museum and Art Gallery

It is possible to admire some of Botswana's cultural heritage in this museum, which exhibits both traditional artwork, as well as a big collection of stuffed animals. There is an interesting exhibit of the local San-culture about the desert people of Botswana, and other fine exhibits about traditional communities.

Okavango Delta & Moremi Wildlife Reserve

Chiefs Island

Chief's Island is the biggest in the delta area, and has some prehistoric cave paintings.

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