Attractions from Cairo

Attractions from

Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo) (Cairo)
Old Cairo has an old fort, some churches and a monastery. Furthermore, the district has a certain ambiance, which can make you feel as if you had travelled hundred of years back in time, not the least because of the narrow streets. Take a walk around and between the old buildings and experience a much more relaxed Cairo, than that of the centre.
The Bazaar district of Khan el Khalili (Cairo)
Khan el Khalili is a real treat. You can buy anything from pink plastic sandals to exotic spices, and as the crowd is massive, you need to look out for pickpockets. If you're good at bargaining, though, you can make some good deals.
The Egyptian Museum (Cairo)
The Egyptian Museum in the centre of Cairo contains the world's largest collection of Byzantine and Pharaonic art, among other things the treasures discovered in the tomb of the child-king Tutankhamun.
The pyramids (Cairo)
The ancient pharaohs' enormous constructions can be seen in the area around Giza, about 20 km from Cairo's centre. The largest of the three pyramids is 137 metres and built of no less than 3 million blocks of stone.

Area and city attractions

• Aswan
• Cairo
• Hurghada
• Luxor
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