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Cartago (Cartago)
Cartago was founded in 1563 in the middle of the country, but the old buildings were unfortunately ruined in an earthquake. Today, the city is the departure point for trips to the Irazú crater and the Orosi valley.
Braulio Carillo National Park (Costa Rica)
The park is situated about 23 km north of San José and has no less than five different kinds of forests, including, of course, rain forest. While walking among orchids and fern it's possible to see both jaguars and wild cats.
Bungee jumping at Rio Colorado (Costa Rica)
About half an hour's drive from San José, further inland, you can try out bungee jumping. The drop of 300 meters from the bridge "Viejo Puente sobre el Rio Colorado" (the old bridge over the Colorado River) gives you plenty of time to wonder whether or not you're going to survive this experience.
Cahuita (Costa Rica)
Cahuita has a national park too where you can experience the rain forest. The place is renowned for its fabulous beaches and people who like to snorkel can be sure to have a fantastic experience around the beautiful coral reefs in the ocean at Cahuita.
Chirripó National Park (Costa Rica)
The highest mountain in Costa Rica is situated in Chirripó national park, but an even greater attraction might be that this is also the place to catch a glimpse of the largest bird in Latin America, the quetzal.
Corcovado (Costa Rica)
The national park Corcovado at the Península de Osa is definitely worth a visit if you like birds and colors, as it has a colony of colorful scarlet parrots.
Mercado Central Market (Costa Rica)
Mercado Central is a lively market in the middle of San José, where everything from chicken, finely made leather goods and an atmosphere unmatched by any other part of the city can be found. If you want a cheap meal you've also found the right place.
Monteverde (Costa Rica)
Situated in the northwestern part of Costa Rica is the popular tourist destination of Monteverde. Its attractions include a cheese factory, excellent walking trails, a butterfly valley and a number of galleries.
Museo del Oro and Museo de Jade (Costa Rica)
Museo del Oro Precolombino has an overwhelming collection of Colombian jewels made of gold and Museo de Jade has one the world's largest collections of jade sculptures.
Península de Nicoya (Costa Rica)
Placed in the northwest of the country on the Pacific coast, this area is rather impenetrable because of the lack of paved roads. Still, it's well worth the effort when you reach some of the outstanding and empty beaches which the area contain.
Santa Rosa National Park (Costa Rica)
Santa Rosa National Park covers a large area of the northwestern part of Costa Rica, and besides protecting the last specimens of the endangered sea turtle, the park also has the largest tropical forest in Central America.
The area of Boca Barranca (Costa Rica)
Boca Barranca is placed on the Pacific coast and is one of Costa Rica's surfing Mekkas, with plenty of accommodation and restaurants. During the rainy season the water turns pitch-black, but don't worry, it has nothing to do with pollution.
The Arenal Volcano (Costa Rica)
The Arenal situated in the northwestern part of Costa Rica has been exceptionally active since 1968, where several people were killed in lava flows. The volcano is much more calm today, although it is still active and sends out lava regularly.
The National Museum (Costa Rica)
The national museum in San José has a splendid archeological collection from Costa Rica, but you can also see clothes and furniture from the colonial times as well as a collection of religious artwork. The national museum is probably the most impressive of all the museums in the capital.
The National Theatre (Costa Rica)
The national theatre, Teatro Nacional, is one of the most impressive buildings of San José. The theatre was built in the 1890s and both ballets, operas and performances by the national symphony orchestra can be enjoyed in the splendid building today.
The Poas Volcano (Costa Rica)
23 km north of Alajuela is Poas national park where you'll find the smouldering volcano Poas, whose crater is 1.5 km wide. Down in the crater is a beautiful burning hot lake, where the colour of the water changes stunningly between green, grey and turquoise. The best time to visit Poas is between May and November.
Tortuguero National Park (Costa Rica)
Tortuguero National park situated on the Caribbean coast has a rich flora and fauna. The park is populated by an abundance of multicolored birds, monkeys and lizards, and is also the domicile of the endangered green sea turtle.

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