Attractions from Czech Republic


Mladá Boleslav - home of the East European car Skoda - home of the Skoda

Being in Northern Bohemia, one should surely visit the city Mladá Boleslav. Here you will find the home of the unpopular Eastern European car, Skoda. Even though a large part of Skoda some years ago was sold to German car producers, the factory is still situated in Mladá Boleslav, which also has a museum of the Skoda where you may study the car's development from the beginning and until today.

The Church of Sedlec -decorated with the death

As a expedition sometime in the 12th century returned from the Holy Land and provided the cemetery in the small city, Sedlec, with soil from Calvary, it attracted so many burials that bones from the abolished graves caused a storage problem. This problem was solved by the local craftsman who began decorating the cemetery's chapel with the death peoples' bones. Today, his work constitutes a horrific and fascinating sight.

The Karlstein Castle

The sight of the gothic castle Karlstein, originally surrounded by forest, must have seen enormous from its placement on a mountain top. It is well-known and was built for the country's crown jewels and is situated is a wonderful area about 30 kilometres from Prague.

Czech Republic

Going by lift between Pec pod Snezkou and Snezka - an impressive sight of the mountains

From the city Pec pod Snezkou, a small lift departures for the amazing mountain, Snezka, situated near Poland's border. This trip is simply amazing if you are not afraid of heights¿

The castle Karlstein

The Gothic castle Karlstein is situated on a mountain top, and a visit to the castle must therefore be by feet a couple of kilometres in the village with the same name. Karlstein is open almost all year, and having seen the castle, the same area is dominated by beautiful walking paths and fascinating stalactite caves.

The concentration camp Theresienstadt

Theresienstadt needs no further presentation. It was the place where the nazi executioners during World War II transformed an entire city into a horrible extermination camp for Jews and other "deviationists". More than 35,000 souls lost their lives in this camp while the same amount were sent to experience the same horrifying destiny in camps in Poland and Germany. Today the city is again populated, but the extermination camp and the on-site museum is still a sign of the pour souls that lost their lives during the outrageousness of the war.

The Middle Age city Cesky Krumlov

The charming middle age city Cesky Krumlov is idyllically situated near the Vltava river near the Austrian border. Especially due to the city's romantic geographical placement and its many historical and architectural highlights, is it a popular place for tourists. Being interested in cosy middle age idyll and picturesque buildings and houses, Cesky Krumlov is the place to go.

The nature reserve Cesky ráj

The nature reserve Cesky ráj is with its enormous rock formations, dangerous clefts and impressive and beautiful viewpoints quite extraordinary. Many people visit Cesky ráj in order to challenge the fascinating basalt rocks, but for the ordinary tourist, a simple walk may also be a very beautiful experience.

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Varys powerful springs

Karlovy Vary has a row of hot springs. They gush in almost two kilometres depth, and their temperatures vary between 40 and 72 degrees Celsius. The most powerful spring, Vridlo, pumps several thousand litres water per minute, and these are led from the source into small drinking vessels, from which one can enjoy the healthy water.

Pirkenhammer china

Besides its healthy hot springs, Karlovy Vary is famous for its china production. The oldest china factory in the city, Pirkenhammer, dates back to the year 1800, and here you will get an exciting insight in the history of china production.

The Becherovka liqueur - a Czech institution

Becherovka, a Czech liqueur, is produces in Karlovy Vary and has almost reached the status of being a national drink. The liqueur's recipe, only known by a few people, may be bought all over the country, but being in Karlovy Vary, you should not miss a visit to the factory.

Krkonose National Park

Skiing in Harrachov

The city Harrachov offers a large skiing ground. During winter you may use it for slalom, cross-country skiing or ski jumping. Harrachov is a perfect base for walking in the summer period, and the city's many assets attract many tourists every year.

The city Spindleruv Mlyn - excellent for skiing

Spindleruv Mlun is situated in 850 metres height and is a central city for tourists in Krkonose. The large river Elben has its source here and with its many lifts, the city is a perfect starting point for a perfect skiing holiday.

Kutná Hora

The city Kutná Hora

The city Kutná Hora near the Polish border was during the Middle Age one of Bohemia's largest and wealthiest cities due to its rich silver mines. Today the mines are empty, yet Kutná Hora is left as a historically interesting city with a very unique atmosphere. You may still visit the workshops where silver coins once were coined, but even though the old craft still exists, it is only in honour of visiting tourists.


The city of Plzen - the home of the Pilsener beer

The city Plzen, situated in the western part of the Czech Republic, may boast itself of being the place where the very popular and famous pilsener beer was brewed for the first time. In Plzen, beer has been brewed for centuries, and today the city's probably most famous product, the Pilsner Urquell, is exported to many parts of the world. Besides a large brewery, the city has a beer museum, and is every October host of a beer festival.


Pragues famous pub, U Fleku

Many political viewpoints and wonderful holiday memories have surely been the centre of debate in Prague's famous pub, U Fleku. With its own brewery, U Fleku serves its good, black beer in atmospheric surroundings in a row of arched rooms, if not the back garden is used.

The Karls Bridge

The Karls Bridge is the most famous monument in Prague. It was built in 1357 and connects with its 520 metres the two parts of Prague. The Bridge is decorated with more than 30 beautiful statues.

The Sv. Vita Cathedral in the highest part of Prague

From the highest point in Prague, the 99 metres high cathedral looks all over town. The cathedral is situated in connection with Prague's large castle and has basically worked as a construction site for 600 years. It was not until 1929 that the consecration of this impressive building took place, and the church's many incredible details combined with its amazing placement on the top of Prague makes a visit here an unforgettable experience.

The theatre group Laterna Magica -extraordinary pantomime

As a visiting tourist, you should not miss a show in the National Theatre with the theatre group Laterna Magica. Since 1958, this group has combined film, ballet, music and pantomime in a series of amazing shows, which obviously may be enjoyed without an language barriers. Laterna Magica has toured many parts of the world.

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