Travel guide to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small country with an amazing history. The location of the country has made it highly sought after between many countries - a tussle recently 'won' by the British (hence the present British control). Beside history Gibraltar offers wonderful scenery - a scramble of rocks and caves just waiting to be explored by the visitor.


Local name
6,5 km2
Principal Languages
Principal Religion
Roman Catholic
27.086 (1997)
Gibraltar has a governor and a small parliamentary assembly, but formally Gibraltar belongs to the British Crown.
Gibraltar is a little appendage on the southern Spanish province Andalusia and is characterised by the many caves of the peninsula, 143 caves in all. The caves are formed by limestone that has been pushed up from the underground by the African continent, which slowly but steadily moves towards the North.

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

In summer Gibraltar can be very hot and humid. Winters are mild.


Lonely Planet Andalusia including Gibraltar

Local conditions



Gibraltar pounds and English pounds

Net cafes

There are only a few Internet cafés in Gibraltar.


When it is 12.00 in Britain, it is 13.00 in Gibraltar.


There are no special rules about photography. There might be special rules in religious buildings, though.

Drinking water

Tap water is safe, but it tastes of chlorine, so if you do not like this taste, you should buy bottled water.


In Gibraltar they use the following current: 220/240 volt AC, 50 Hz.


No special precautions are to be taken in Gibraltar.

Business Hours

Public offices are open from 9.00 to 17.00 (Monday - Friday), in summer only to 14.00, though. Shops are open from 9.00 to 18.00 (Monday - Friday), and most are also open a few hours on Saturdays.

Food and drink

As a little piece of Britain - the city has a lot of pubs and English eating-places. You will find everything from traditional Fish&Chips to more internationally orientated and expensive restaurants.

Disabled travellers

Local authorities do their best to facilitate conditions for disabled travellers. But unfortunately, some sights and attractions are not constructed with facilities for disabled people. In turn, the entry to other attractions is free for disabled people.


New Year's Day, 1 January Commonwealth Day, 9 March May Day, 1 May National Day, 10 September Christmas Day, 25 December Boxing Day, 26 December Holidays that are not fixed Easter, March or April Spring holiday, last Monday of May The Queen's birthday, Monday after the second Saturday of June Late summer holiday, last Monday of August

Accommodation / Hotel



There are about a handful of hotels in Gibraltar. They offer different prices and different standards.


Gibraltar has one single hostel, which is situated in central city. It has a television-room and breakfast is included in the price.

Local transport



If you do not bring your own car, it is advantageous to use the public buses in Gibraltar. They travel regularly - but naturally not very far.


There are quite a few taxis in Gibraltar and the public authorities control them on a short leash. The risk of being cheated is therefore minimal.

Car rental

Most large car rental firms have an office in Gibraltar. Unlike in Britain driving is on the right hand side of the road.

Boat or Ferry

There are regular departures for Tangier in Morocco.

Special conditions

Since 1713 Gibraltar has belonged to the British Crown - much to the regret of the Spanish. In the middle of the 20th century Franco tried to get Gibraltar back to Spanish control, but without luck. Since then the tone between London and Madrid has improved, but it has not changed the status of Gibraltar. If you ask the inhabitants they do not want Spain or Britain to have power in Gibraltar, they would rather have home rule (so much for democracy in international power games!).
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