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Anton Chekhovs life and museum. (Jalta)
The famous author Chekhov lived in Yalta during the last years of his life. Here you can see the school where he taught, enter the house he lived in and the museum, which his sister made for him after his death, where several of his works are on display. You can almost follow every step he took in Yalta.
Hiking Trails (Jalta)
The region surrounding Yalta contains a number of good hiking trails. You can hike from Yalta to Uchan-Su Waterfall - a roaring waterfall, situated in the most magnificent nature. There are also other trails in the area, and you can stay in camping sites on your way around.
The Wine Tasting Hall (Jalta)
The Yalta region is famous for its excellent wine, and all the wine plantations in the area are worth a visit. You can also visit the Wine Tasting Hall, where you can taste almost all the good wines of this region.

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