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The Akvarium-Muzey (Crimea Peninsula)
The Akvarium-Muzey is situated in Sevastopol and is one of the countries largest aquariums. The museum has a huge exhibition on the undersea life of the Black Sea, which can be seen every day from 10 to 18.
The port of Sevastopol (Crimea Peninsula)
The Black Sea cuts out a bay in southern Crimea, forming an ideal harbour. This has made Sevastopol popular among many countries, and Russia and Ukraine still discuss who owns the town and its fleet. The promenade by the port is also where everything seems to happen, with nice cafes, restaurants and shops this is where people usually gather.
Anton Chekhovs life and museum. (Jalta)
The famous author Chekhov lived in Yalta during the last years of his life. Here you can see the school where he taught, enter the house he lived in and the museum, which his sister made for him after his death, where several of his works are on display. You can almost follow every step he took in Yalta.
Hiking Trails (Jalta)
The region surrounding Yalta contains a number of good hiking trails. You can hike from Yalta to Uchan-Su Waterfall - a roaring waterfall, situated in the most magnificent nature. There are also other trails in the area, and you can stay in camping sites on your way around.
The Wine Tasting Hall (Jalta)
The Yalta region is famous for its excellent wine, and all the wine plantations in the area are worth a visit. You can also visit the Wine Tasting Hall, where you can taste almost all the good wines of this region.
Andriyivsky vzviz street (Kiev)
Andriyivsky vzviz is one of Kiev's most charming streets, stretching north from the old district to the Podil district. The street is known for it's beautiful galleries, pleasant cafes, restaurants and shops. Near Andriyivsky vzviz is the Chernobyl Museum, telling the story of the worst nuclear disaster in the history of mankind.
Bessarabsky Market (Kiev)
Bessarabsky Market i situated in the old part of Kiev, has a lively and chaotic athmosphere and can be an amusing place to shop. Especially fruit and vegetable are sold here, where you can also have a chat with the locals.
Khreshchaty Park (Kiev)
Khreshchaty Park, known as Yoke by the locals, is a great park area in Kiev. Actually, the park consists of several smaller parks, from several of which you have a magnificent view of the city. The monument Arch of Brotherhood stands in the park, symbolizing the Russian-Ukrainian Revolution. Otherwise, the park is a great place to relax and meet the locals.
Museum of Popular Architecture & Life (Lviv)
In this museum, situated two km from the city's old district, you can see windmills, farms, churches and schools more than one hundred years old and made of wood. The buildings have been decorated with historical objects d'art and everyday tools in order to present different traditions from different parts of the country.
The old district Old Town (Lviv)
Lviv hasn't many specific sights, but is instead a city where you can stroll around the Old Town and look at its buildings and in this way get an impression of the city's history. The Old Town's center is the Town Hall, built in the 19th century, and surrounded beautiful buildings from the 16th and 18th centuries. Nearby you can also find an impressive gothic cathedral, which can be dated all the way back to the 14th century.
Archaeology Museum (Odesa)
Archaeology Museum, built in 1875, contains an impressive collection of artefacts from the past Black Sea civilisations. The exhibition contains, among other things, a collection of ancient jewels and coins, and the museum is a good place if you're interested in the country's history.
Museum of Partisan Glory (Odesa)
In the nearby village of Nerubayske, northwest of Odessa, is a large system of tunnels, protecting the partisans during WW2. The tunnels have now been converted into a museum, where the visitors can get guided tours and hear the story behind the partisans and the fine tunnel system.
Opera & Ballet Theatre (Odesa)
The famous Opera & Ballet Theatre is situated in the centre of the town. The building is the home of opera and theatre and was built in 1880, designed by several architects, who gave the impressive building a baroque look with a dash of renaissance.
Chernihivs impressive buildings (Ukraine)
The town of Chernihiv was founded all the way back in the 8th century and is the home of some of the country's most striking religious buildings from the 11th and 12th century. Most of the buildings are churches and cathedrals with an amazing architecture and an impressive ornamentation. If you're interested in the town's history, then Chernihiv History Museum is a good place to go, as it has an excellent exhibition on this, as well as a collection of ancient artefacts.
Chernivtsi (Ukraine)
Chernivtsi is a pleasant town with a mixed history. There's a great variation in the architecture of the town, from Byzantine to baroque, and lots of old districts with beautiful houses. Chernivtsi is a mixture of old and new, coming together in the town's buildings. Tsentralna Ploshcha is the centre of the old part of town, where you can see many old and estetically beautiful buildings. Vulitsys O Kobylyanska, on the other hand, belongs to the newer part of town, where you can enjoy a stroll among the cafes, shops and restaurants.
Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine)
The town of Ivano-Frankivsk was built in 1662 on top of the village of Zabolottya, and was then named Stanislawow. In 1962, the name was changed to Ivano-Frankivsk after the famous Ukrainian author and philosopher, Ivan Franko. The highlights are cathedrals and churches from the 17th century, all with an impressive architecture and ornamentation.
Pochayiv Monastery (Ukraine)
Pochayiv is the second largest monastery in Ukraine, and is a holy place for all religious Ukrainians. Pilgrims swarm to the region during religious festivals. The most impressive building is the Uspensky Cathedral, built in the 18th century, which can house more than 6000 people. The cathedral is covered with beautiful frescoes on the inside. The region is the home of several impressive buildings, built through several centuries.
The Kamyenets-Podolsky Area (Ukraine)
Kamyenets-Podolsky is the most important archaeological area in Ukraine, and evidence has been found that the area was inhabited 30,000 years ago. There are also traces of civilisation from around the first century and again around the year 1000. The area has some interesting exhibitions, if you're interested in the country's early history or in archaeology.
The town of Kamyanets-Podilsky (Ukraine)
Kamyanets-Podilsky, founded in the 11th century, is a small village placed on a small island in the Smotrych River. A 16th century stone castle with nine towers guards the bridge, for centuries the only way to the mainland. You can get up in most of the towers, from where you'll have a great view of the rest of the area. The village also contains a number of buildings, several hundred years old, especially churches and cathedrals.
The town of Simferopol (Ukraine)
Simferopol is the most centrally located town in Crimea. This is where all roads cross, and all travellers pass Simferopol, if they want to go further down south. The town isn't full of impressive sights, but is pleasant with a charming atmosphere. There are lots of green parks to relax in, and possibly meet the locals, who usually like a little talk.

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