Attractions from Luxembourg


The museum of liberty in Diekirch

The village of Diekirch 40 minutes from the city of Luxembourg houses a very exciting museum of liberty with the story of Luxembourg's liberation from the German occupation in 1944 and 1945. Furthermore, Diekirch has been a place of thoroughfare to the Romans who have been kind enough to leave behind a number of exciting mosaics.

The village of Vianden

Vianden is a small village which extends to both sides of the river Our. The village has a beautiful restored castle which dates back to the 9th century. The castle has been ruined by both fires and earthquakes but has been gently restored. Vianden has also been the home of the French writer Victor Hugo during his exile.


The city of Clervaux

Clervaux in the Ardennes is partly in itself a fascinating and beautiful city at the bank of the Clerve river, but also the neighbour of a castle from the 15th century looking down on the city from the rocks. Furthermore, the city has a Benedictine convent with a very fine courtyard which you might catch a glimpse of.


The Berdorf Area

The inhabitants of Luxembourg's preferred excursion spot of the category 'Sports and Nature' is called Berdorf and is located in the Müllerthal area. Here you will find great possibilities for hiking, cycling and climbing depending on your temperament. Those who are too exhausted by all this activity can sit down on a rock and enjoy the view and the sound of one of the area's waterfalls.

The catacombs of Luxembourg

The Spanish who ravaged the area at that time built the catacombs, which date back to 1644. The truly impressive network of catacombs, which occasionally go as deep as 40 meters under ground, stretches across 23 kilometres. During the bombardments of the world wars the local population used the caves as air raid shelters.

The Chemin de la Corniche Promenade

One of the most beautiful spots to see the view of Luxembourg is in the centre of the city. The Chemin de la Corniche Promenade is a walk leading to the castle of the emperor. From Citadelle du St. Esprit you will find the famous view of the valley and the neighbouring city of Grund.

The parks of Luxembourg

In a city as vibrant and intense as Luxembourg the green areas are refreshing breathing holes, and Luxembourg is rather unique when it comes to these areas. Nothing less than one fourth of the city has been laid out as parks and recreational areas. So it is not without a reason that the city is called the Green Heart of Europe.

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