Attractions from Luxor

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Abu Simbels Temple (Luxor)
Abu Simbel's Temple is dedicated to the great pharaoh Ramses II, and on the façade you'll see four great 20-metre high statues of the pharaoh - an imposing sight. Ramses II is accompanied by some of his many wives and children, standing by his feet in a somewhat smaller size.
Luxors temples (Luxor)
In Luxor you'll find many of the impressive temples and obelisks built to honour the pharaohs, such as the Karnak temple, the Luxor temple and the temple of Ramses II.
Valley of the Kings (Luxor)
The Valley of the Kings is one of Egypt's finest attractions. 108 of the old pharaohs' tombs have been found in this valley, and you can go down in many of them and see the fantastic wall paintings. 46 additional chambers in the tomb of Ramses II were found in 1997, and the area is still being excavated.

Area and city attractions

• Aswan
• Cairo
• Hurghada
• Luxor
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