Attractions from Maldives

Kaafu Atol (Malé Atol)

Baros Island

Baros is an oval-shaped island, which you can reach by boat from the airport. The island has a nice beach which stretches over more than one kilometre. One side of the island is full of corals which makes it a perfect diving and snorkelling site. The other side is excellent for swimming and water skiing.

Bodufinolhu (Fun Island)

Bodufinolhu lies on the eastern reef on the southern part of Kaafu Atoll. The area has a big beautiful lagoon and nearby you'll find two small-uninhabited islands, which you can reach by foot at low tide. Bodufinolhu is a great place to stay and you can stay overnight in small huts.

Nakatchafushi Resort

Nakatchafushi lies on the western side of the northern part of the Kaafu Atol. Nakatchafushi has the biggest lagoon in the area and is without doubt the most beautiful and most photographed place in the Maldives. The resort is perfect is you want to enjoy yourself on the excellent beach or go water skiing on the blue sea.


Fuamulaku Island

This island is somewhat different from many other islands in the archipelago. The island is incredibly fertile, producing an entire range of fruits and vegetables, which cannot grow elsewhere in the country. These are fruits like mangoes, oranges and pineapples. The people on this island are said to be bigger and healthier and to live longer than other islanders.

Kudahuvadhoo Island

On Kudahuvadhoo Island there are some fantastic ruins. It is assumed that they are ruins of an old Buddhist temple but it has never been 100 per cent established. They are considered some of the finest masonry in the whole world, and it is a mystery how this temple has ended up on such an isolated island.

The National Museum

The National Museum displays the belongings of former sultans. Moreover there are quite a few archeological finds, which tell the story of the Maldives. Near the museum you'll find Sultan Park, which is the site of the Islamic Centre and the Grand Friday Mosque.


Singapore Bazaar

Singapore Bazaar is a nice, charming area in Malé. It is a gathering of small shops, which sell local handicrafts, imported tourist souvenirs, fishing gear and food. In this neighbourhood you can also experience some of the small teahouses where Maldivian men in particular meet for a snack and a chat.

The Hukuru Miski Mosque

Hukuru Miski is the oldest mosque in Malé, which has more than twenty mosques. Hukuru Miski is famous for its fascinating stone carvings. A long panel, carved in the 13th century, depicts how Islam was introduced in the Maldives.

The Waterfront

Malé has a long waterfront - a nice place to go for a walk and relax. Here you'll find small teahouses and a few restaurants, and it is also an experience in itself to watch the local fishermen and their work.

Smaller Atols

Baa Atoll

Baa Atoll lies about 130 kilometres northwest of the capital. It is one of the few places where indigenous people still make traditional art and handicrafts. It is a nice, charming place and the resorts range from five-star luxury hotels to little huts and a walk on the beach.

Kuramathi Island

Kuramathi is a big island with first class facilities for tourists. There are beautiful beaches and excellent opportunities for diving, windsurfing, water-skiing and night fishing. The island has three resorts, all with good choices of overnight accommodation: Aribeach, the biggest island, Nika Island, a small remote island, and Fesdu with lots of huts on the beach.

Other Atolls

All atolls in the Maldives have beautiful white beaches with swaying palms by an azure sea. Here you get every opportunity to relax on the beach or to do different varieties of water-sport.

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