Attractions from Romania


The medieval town of Brasov

This well-preserved medieval town is well hidden by the Transylvanian mountains in the middle of this fertile region. As a true medieval town is built around an impressive central square, where the old and large, gothic cathedral (The Black Church) is also situated. In the winter, Brasov is the centre of the surrounding ski activities.


The Communist Partys Central Commitees Great Building

This buildings balcony is where Ceausescu held his last, fatal speech, only a few hours before the trial and execution. The walls still have gunshot-holes from the fighting in the square in front.

The House of the People

The House of the People is also known as the Parliament's Palace, and the impressive building is situated in the southern part of the city. Ceausescu had it built, because he wanted Bucharest to be the Communist capital of Eastern Europe, and thus many of the locals aren't very fond of the giant building and would like to see it torn down, as it wakes too many unpleasant memories. It is fascinating, though, this second-largest building of the world.

The Old Court Church

If you want to experience some of the old Bucharest, this church from the 16th century is it. The church has some well-preserved frescoes, and is situated in central Bucharest.



Constanta has some good museums dealing with the city's colourful history and its past as a medieval port. The city's most famous attraction might be the Archaeological Museum on Ovidiu Square (piata), but it also has many magnificent, old churches each telling a story.


Sinaia Castle

One of the greatest attractions is Sinaia by the mountain border, where a small, beautiful castle is located. The castle has been used, throughout the times, by dictators, kings and princes for recreation, and its interior, with sophisticated wooden ornaments, mirror rooms and valuable old paintings (among others, a Rembrandt) can make you speechless.

The coastal line by the Black Sea

When the Romanians feel the need to relax and get some fresh air, they go to the mighty Black Sea. Here you'll find 70 km of sandy white beaches, tourist life and holiday atmosphere around the big cities of Constanta and Mamaia, as you know it from other seaside holiday resorts. Romania's low prices have made this an attractive place to go for tourists.

The ski resort of Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov is the best ski resort in the mountain range, with good facilities and lit slopes at night.

Romanian Black Sea Coast


Mamaia's statistics speak for itself: 61 hotels with 21,000 beds, and a festive atmosphere during the summer. Here, life is enjoyed fully either at the beach, in the bar or by the pool, and Constanta is only a short bus ride away.


Bran Castle

This is the castle that really gets one to think about Dracula. It hasn't exactly been documented that this was indeed the home of the old, historic count, but the atmosphere, the thick walls, the tall towers and the small rooms make the stories all the more vivid. Another dark side of the Romanian history is the fact that the Nazis made the castle their eastern stronghold, during WW2.

Draculas old town Sighisoara

Sighisoara is a smaller, but also very medieval town closely connected with the mountains. It isn't as visited as Brasov, and the heart of the city's old quarters, protected behind the princes' old fortifications, hasn't been touched since the 16th century. This is also, allegedly, where Dracula grew up, and you can even visit his old house.

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