Attractions from Sinai with the Red Sea

Attractions from

Camel riding in the desert (Sinai with the Red Sea)
From most of the tourist resorts, you can experience the desert from a camel's back, on one-day trips or trips of longer duration. Be prepared for a magnificent nature experience.
Sinai Mountain (Sinai with the Red Sea)
Follow in the footsteps of Moses to the top of Sinai Mountain. The trip to the top is generally by paths in a good state, and all people in fairly good condition can do it. Most trips start in the cool of the night, and offer you the opportunity to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain.
St. Katharines Monastery (Sinai with the Red Sea)
St. Katharine's Monastery close to Sinai Mountain is also a great attraction. It was built in the 4th century and has been visited by a large number of pilgrims since then. If you're interested in architecture and history, you should go see it. There's a museum in connection with the monastery.
The desert town of Dahab (Sinai with the Red Sea)
Dahab is a small desert town 85 km from Sharm El Sheik, and is worth a visit if you want to relax, dive and enjoy the stress-free atmosphere. It's very cheap to stay and eat in Dahab, where the restaurants are situated right by the water.
The fishing village of Marsa Alam (Sinai with the Red Sea)
This little fishing village by the Red Sea is worth a visit if you love diving and snorkelling. The area has some amazing corals and fish, but you also have to be very careful, as there can still be undetonated mines. There isn't always warning signs, so you should check around first.

Area and city attractions

• Aswan
• Cairo
• Hurghada
• Luxor
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