Attractions from Sri Lanka


The town Ambalangoda:

Ambalangoda is a small town, which is especially famous for the production of masks and for devil dancing. The masks are made of kadunu wood and are very lightweight. There are sold many masks to tourists in the area. The devil dance is still performed to drive away evil spirits, and tourists are also allowed to watch while the dance is performed.


The national museum:

The national museum was founded in 1877 by the British governor Gregory. There are several good exhibitions in the museum, each of them telling about the history of the country. In the museum are e.g. stone relief, fresco paintings, masks, furniture and fossils.

The old lighthouse Clock Tower:

The old lighthouse was built in 1857, and for many years it worked as a lighthouse for the ships on the sea. Gradually, as the houses in the city grew taller, the tower became too small and a new one was built. Today, you can get inside the old Clock Tower, which has a magnificent view of the city.

The Queens house (Janadhipathi Medura):

The Queen's house is also known as the President's house. The impressive building was the former home of the British governor-general, but when the country became independent, the President moved into the house and he has lived there since then.


The town Kalutara:

The town Kalutara is situated at the river Kalu Ganga. Previously, the town was the centre of trade of spices, but today it is mostly baskets made of palm leaves, which are produced in the town. Around Kalutara are several rubber plantations and the town is therefore also a centre of rubber trade. The town is characterised by many coconut palm trees, of which the local brandy, Arrack, is made.

Kandy and the Highlands

Ratnapura, the town of precious stones:

Ratnapura means the town of precious stones, and the town is the centre of extraction of precious stones. Today, a large part of the 35,000 in habitants of the town work in the precious stone mines.

The temple Dalada Maligawa:

Dalada Maligawa is situated in Kandy and it is the most important religious sanctuary in the country. The name of the temple means the temple of the tooth because the temple was built to protect Buddha's canine tooth, which was smuggled into the country in the 4th century. The temple is an impressive building built by several kings. Especially impressive is the octagonal tower, which is the library of the temple.

The town Nuwara Eliya:

Being situated in a height of 1889m, Nuwara Eliya is the highest situated town of Sri Lanka. The town is placed on a plateau, and there is a magnificent view of the whole area and not least the green tea plantations in the mountains.

Nuwara Eliya

The town Nuwara Eliya:

Being situated in a height of 1889m, Nuwara Eliya is the highest situated town of Sri Lanka. The town is placed on a plateau, and there is a magnificent view of the whole area and not least the green tea plantations in the mountains.

Sri Lanka

The island Hikkaduwa:

Hikkaduwa is an island with a magnificent beach area. This is a nice area if you like white sandy beaches and azure blue sea. There are good diving opportunities in the bay, where you also find coral reefs and a wreck. Furthermore, it is possible to go sailing in ships with glass bottom, which sail the tourist, who does not want to dive, around the bay. Hikkaduwa is paradise if you like sun, beach and sea.

The mountain Adams Peak:

From December to April, pilgrims flock to the area to climb the 2224m tall Adam's Peak. On the top of the mountain is a large footprint, which - according to the Muslims - belonged to Adam. He stepped on the mountain when he was expelled from the Garden of Eden. The Buddhists believe that the footprint belongs to Buddha, and the Hindus believe that it was made by Lord Shiva. Nevertheless, for more than 1000 years, pilgrims have come here to reach the top. The trip to the top takes approximately four hours.

The national park Yala West:

Yala West is a national park, which spreads over 1000 km2. It is a hotchpotch of lagoons and rocky area. In the park are good opportunities of seeing wild animals, and it is possible to rent a jeep and a driver to drive around in the park, where it is possible to see elephants, leopards, bears, monkeys and crocodiles.

The Sigiriya fortress

Sigiriya is a stone fortress, an impregnable monument, which was build in the 5th century in order to defend the area against a feared invasion. The fortress is beautifully situated on the top of a 200m tall hill. Inside the fortress are gardens, stone pictures from when the fortress was build, a few gigantic stone lions. The fortress is situated 191km from Colombo.

The temples in Anuradhapura:

Anuradhapura is the first capital of Sri Lanka and it is a symbol of the power of the Sinhalese, and at the same time it is the most important of the ancient cities in Sri Lanka. The city became capital in 380 BC, and for more than 1000years, the Sinhalese kings ruled from this city. Today, you can see the old temples and buildings from the ancient kingdom. All buildings have been restored and are a magnificent sight.

The village Unawatuna:

Unawatuna is a small village, which is situated in incredibly beautiful scenery and it is becoming one of the most popular destinations. Unawatuna has a fine beach with palm trees and turquoise blue sea. It is the perfect place to visit if you like sun, beach and sea and to relax on the beach for a few days.

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