Attractions from Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain

Magnificent Seven - the seven buildings

Magnificent Seven comprises seven extraordinary buildings dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. One of these buildings is a true copy of the Balmoral castle in Scotland. Another one is the home of the Roman-Catholic archbishop, and yet another one is the Queens Royal College.

The National Museum and Art Gallery

Many extraordinary exhibits are present in this museum. Among other things, carnival costumes are exhibited together with fossils, stones and shells.

The Queens Park Savannah

The Queens Park Savannah can most easily be described as a large playground for children as well as for adults. Here you can play soccer and cricket and have a picnic with your family. In the park, framing the annual carnival, you will furthermore find a horseracing track.


Fort George

This well-preserved fortress situated in the capital, Scarborough, dates back to when the island was under British rule, as it was built in 1779. Still, you may see the canons in the large brick walls, and the former hospital now is the centre of changing art exhibits.

The Little Tobago island

Little Tobago is an important sanctuary for sea birds. Previously, birds of paradise lived in this island, imported by a Briton. Unfortunately they were frightened away under a hurricane. You can get to the island by boat from Speyside.

The Tobago Forest Reserve

The Tobago Forest Reserve is the oldest national park in the Caribbean, founded in 1765. Many possibilities of a walking tour can be found in the park with possibilities of exploring many exciting types of animals and plants.


The Asa Wright Nature Centre

In 1967, this former coffee plantation was turned in to a sanctuary. Here you may explore a research station for biologists, which among others, breed the rare oilbird. Unfortunately, the cave inhabited by the bird has been closed due to tactless tourists.

The Caroni Sanctuary

Among the many species living in this large sanctuary, you may find the purple emperor, herons and plovers. The best way to explore the sanctuary is by boat.

The Pitch Lake

The Pitch Lake, with an area of 90 acres and a depth of 41 metres, is the world's largest pitch-lake, constantly replenishing itself. According to scientists, this lake arose from volcanic heat in an oil puddle. You will get the possibility of walking on the lake!

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