Attractions from Andorra, Principality of

Andorra, Principality of

A Breathtaking Scenery

Andorra lies in an elevation of 900-2900 metres and the surrounding mountains with the many canyons and valleys are in themselves an unsurpassable experience. Moreover, you can enjoy the Andorran scenery both summer and winter.

Andorra la Vella

The capital Andorra la Vella is a true paradise for shopping tourists with its many shops. The town seems almost buillt around one big main street with shops, which are open seven days a week. However, Andorra la Vella is also famous for its hot sulphur springs.

The landscape around Andorra la Vella-Serrat

From Andorra la Vella you can take the route to the village Serrat in the north with great success. During the more than 20 kilometers ride you will drive through several beautiful canyons and all in all the route is quite a scenic experience.

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