Attractions from Jordan



Built in the third century B.C., devastated by several earthquakes around 555 A.D., rediscovered in 1812, and excavated in 1958 - this is the short version of history of the Nabateaeans' capital. Most famous today is the treasury with its characteristic two-levelled façade, carved into the enormous cliff. The city contains other treasures, though, such as a theatre, a triumphal arc and several temples. Several of the sights challenge the visitor's ability to climb, but none of them are impossible to get at.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, a little south of Petra, is an amazing desert area around the bedouin village of Rum (wadi means dry river bed). Many of the scenes in the epic of Lawrence of Arabia were shot here, and you should give yourself the pleasure of spending the night in the open, in order to see the sunset, the star specked night sky and the sunrise as well.


The amphitheatre in Amman

The ancient Roman amphitheatre is Amman's most interesting attraction, and with its 6000 seats the theatre takes up a lot of space in the city-centre. It is believed to have been built in the second century A.D., and the process of time has since made it into ruins - in our day, it has been partly restored.

The Archaeological Museum in Amman

Near the amphitheatre is the National Archaeological Museum. Jordan has a rich history, stretching thousands of years back in time, which is proven by the fact that you just need to dig a little in the ground to make the relics of the past swarm up. Much of that, which has been found, is today placed in the archaeological museum, which is definitely worth a visit even if you don't know much about ancient history.

The market in Amman

The friendly and forthcoming inhabitants of Amman can be experienced up close at the lively and sometimes chaotic market around King Hussein's Mosque. Part of the inhabitants is the original Jordanians, and part of them are the Palestinians, who have fled here because of the war in Israel. Both groups are generally good at English, and interested in talking to foreigners.

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