Attractions from Barbados


Sam Lords Castle

Sam Lord's Castle is situated on the southern coast line which has many exciting stories. One of the stories has it that Sam Lord put out fake lights, so the people on the boats thought that they were arriving safely in port. When they went aground, Lord Sam went to rob their cargo and brought it to his castle. Today, the castle has several paintings and pieces of antique furniture.

Sunburry Plantation House

This house is from the 17th century and full of atmosphere. It has thick stone walls which are build of local coral stones brought here by the English ships. The interior of the house is kept in the colonial style and furnished with antiques, many of which are made from mahogany from Barbados.

The Carlisle Bay area

Barbados is blessed with a gushing sea life. There are beautiful coral reefs filled with life such as sea horses, seed fish and turtles. It is exquisite to snorkle or to dive at Carlisle Bay. It is easy to hire an outfit, and it is also possible to go on guided tours.


Synagogue of Bridgetown

The fascinating synagogue in Bridgetown is one of the eldest of the western hemisphere. It is raised on the place where the former and even older synagogue raised by Brazilian Jews was placed.

The Barbados Museum and Historical Society

For discovering the history of Barbados, this museum is perfect. Exhibits include furniture, art, and other items from the early Barbados.

The Beach in Bridgetown

After a couple of exhausting days of sightseeing, it is a good idea to visit the beach in Bridgetown. The west coast of Barbados is famous for its sand beaches known as the best beaches in the world.

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