Attractions from Gibraltar


Gibraltar Museum

The chequered history of Gibraltar as football between the Phoenicians, the Greek, the Romans, the Moors and lately the Spanish and the British is told at the interesting Gibraltar Museum. The museum also contains tools of the original cave people as well as descriptions of the flora and fauna of Gibraltar.


The lift goes to the summit of the rock and is a popular tourist attraction. This is especially because it stops at ApesDen, which is the domicile of the only monkeys not living in captivity in Europe. The 673 metres long trip also leads you to several religious buildings, among others a synagogue, two cathedrals and a Presbyterian Church.

Saint Michaels Cave

Saint Michael's Cave and its stalactites are probably the greatest attraction in Gibraltar. The Romans discovered the cave, which is connected with other similar looking caves. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to get a ticket for a concert in the caves.

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